‘A Lover Betrayed’: Lifetime Movie Inspired By True Story?


A Lover Betrayed, a Lifetime Movie Network thriller, premieres tonight. A Lover Betrayed is not a true-story movie. However, Lifetime’s movie plot sounds like a few real-life cases. Directed by Jeff Hare and written by Jake Robert Allyn, A Lover Betrayed is produced by Golden Oak Entertainment. It stars General Hospital’s Maurice Benard, who plays the handsome Detective Alvarez, and Jamie Luner, a Lifetime fan favorite, plays Tess Ford.


A Lover Betrayed on Lifetime

A Lover Betrayed leads in with Tess Ford, a blogger who helps others get through the grieving process after losing a loved one. Tess knows all about grief. For the past few years, she’s dealt with the death of her young son. Five years earlier, Tess, a high school guidance counselor, investigated improper conduct allegations against the principal.


The principal became so distraught by the allegations that he threatened to kill himself in front of Tess. Her son died in the accidental shooting. A depressed Tess blamed herself for her son’s death, and her marriage to her husband fell apart, leading to the couple’s divorce.



Moving forward in the story, A Lover Betrayed’s Tess feels alive again. She’s helping others, and she’s met a handsome soldier who took her to bed for a night. The affair didn’t mean much to Tess. However, Conall wants more. For him, their night of passion turns into a dangerous obsession after Tess ends the relationship with him to mend things with her ex-husband.


As Conall’s obsession leads to relentless stalking, Tess realizes her one-time lover is a real psycho. Contacting the police is her only option, except now, the detectives threaten to throw her in jail for stalking herself.


A Lover Betrayed doesn’t skimp on the action, and Maurice Benard’s portrayal as the suspicious detective is convincing. Although A Lover Betrayed is fictitious, the movie sounds like a true story.



A Lover Betrayed Inspired By These True Stories?

In A Lover Betrayed, Tess is accused of “stalking herself.” This reminds one of the Michelle Hadley and Angela Diaz case. In that crime story, Angela Diaz was so jealous of her husband’s ex that she concocted a fake story and had her arrested for stalking. California detectives later determined that Angela Diaz had stalked herself.


One of the characters in A Lover Betrayed is a principal who threatens to kill himself. That part of the story sounds like these true-story cases.


In 2005, a popular Texas principal at Angleton High shot himself in the chest in his car just after turning in his keys, his badge, and his resignation. School superintendent Dr. Heath Burns stated before his death, Marcus Cloud, 38, was extremely upset and embarrassed by “improper conduct,” allegations. He adamantly denied doing anything wrong and said the 17-year-old student lied, according to Blooming Grove Texas.

“Mr. Cloud denied all wrong doing, period.  He was extremely upset about the allegations. I learned lessons from dealing with the Cloud situation.  I learned the importance of doing due diligence before drawing conclusions.  I also suffered a harsh reminder about the frailty of life.”




Earlier this year, Kirbyville High School principal Dennis Reeves, 45, shot himself outside the school inside his truck after allegations of an extramarital affair with the school secretary surfaced. His mistress told police Reeves stated he would make his death look like an accident so his wife and two sons could get the insurance money, according to the New York Post.


Before his death, Dennis Reeves confessed to his wife that he had the affair with Marcia Morgan. The angry wife, Tammy Reeves, began sending emails to his former lover. In one email, Tammy told Marcia the only reason she was still living was she couldn’t afford to hire a hitman, Dallas News reported. A Lover Betrayed airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN).


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