Lawyer Scott Rothstein Was ‘Guilty Rich’ But Greed Got Him, ID’s TV Show Exposes


Former lawyer Scott Rothstein’s Ponzi scheme case airs on Guilty Rich. The Investigation Discovery crime TV show airs tonight. Scott Rothstein’s story was profiled years ago on True Crime with Aphrodite Jones, and it recently aired on Dateline NBC. Scott Rothstein was a rich and prominent attorney at Rothstein, Rosenfeldt, and Adler law firm. The firm is no more. However, the emotional and financial damage the Ponzi scheme heaped upon its victims and investors is still alive and well. Scott Rothstein was sentenced to 50 years in prison for the elaborate $1.2 billion fraud, according to the Sun-Sentinel. ID’s TV show Guilty Rich focuses on the greed that led to the high-rolling attorney’s undoing.



Guilty Rich TV show episode “A Deadly Ambition”

A high-powered lawyer’s secret to success is finally exposed.



Guilty Rich gives viewers a look into the lavish lifestyle former lawyer Scott Rothstein built for himself. The arrogant Bronx-born attorney worked hard, and his intelligence and his “go get ’em” attitude helped propel him to new levels of success.


Success was important to a man like Scott Rothstein. Glamorous women, lots of lovemaking, and elaborate Moroccan trips were also high on the lawyer’s “guilty rich” menu. His wife wasn’t ever going to be enough for Scott Rothstein. People who worked in his swanky South Florida office were all aware of his many affairs.




Scott’s prestigious Rothstein, Rosenfeldt, and Adler law firm made people pay attention. He made enemies, and people were jealous of the success he relished in. It isn’t a stretch to say that his enemies were ready to watch the law giant fall.



And fall he did. The “good life” Scott Rothstein was already living wasn’t enough. He had to have more money, and he had to have it at any cost. It was this greedy mindset that led Scott Rothstein to take part in a devious investment scheme, which became known as the Ponzi scheme, one of the cruelest and largest schemes in history, they say.


The scheme was exposed in 2009, and Scott Rothstein’s world of riches came crashing down. On top of the growing Ponzi scheme scandal, there were whispers that the murder of one of his top lawyers, Melissa Britt Lewis, the year before, was connected to the scheme. It was also alleged that Melissa Britt Lewis had been one of Scott Rothstein’s former lovers.


Melissa Britt Lewis was found dead in a Florida canal in 2008 after she disappeared from her home. The killer was the husband of one of Scott Rothstein’s other attorneys, Debra Villegas.



Debra’s husband, Tony Villegas, killed his Melissa Britt Lewis, his estranged wife’s best friend because she had advised Debra to leave him. Tony Villegas was convicted and sent to prison for Melissa Britt Lewis’ murder.


In the end, Melissa’s death had nothing to do with Scott Rothstein scandal, but the Guilty Rich TV show will discuss the dark aura that surrounded his upscale law firm.


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 ID’s Guilty Rich TV show airs the story of disgraced lawyer Scott Rothstein tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central. On Guilty Rich last week, the case of Andrew Luster was detailed.


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