Creepy Clowns, Trump ‘Election Night’, An ‘American Horror Story’ True Reaction For Many


Creepy clowns and Donald Trump “election night” was a true “American Horror Story” for many. Tonight American Horror Story: Cult ‘opens its seventh season with the hysteria of 2016, IGN reports today. Viewers expect this season’s American Horror Story: Cult will be the scariest of all. The trailer has been out for more than a week, and it’s grisly. The first episode, which is called “Election Night,” stars actress Sarah Paulson, according to the New York Times.


Does American Horror Story: Cult Mirror Trump’s Election Night?

In the trailer for American Horror Story: Cult, viewers hear the frightening screams of a woman who has just learned Donald Trump was elected president, marking the notorious election as the worst “Election Night” in history.


It’s a reaction many say mirrors their own feelings the morning after the election. For many Americans, waking up to the news that Donald Trump was elected president was a real-life nightmare.


This is exactly what American Horror Story: Cult producers want to convey for the “Election Night” episode. Each season producers to draw upon some true story or real-life inspiration for upcoming episodes. The television show does a superb job of tapping into the psyche of American people.


'American Horror Story': Sarah Paulson Wants to Play Trump in Election-Themed Season #Entertainment

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And there’s something else. Capitalizing on the shock and horror some felt on 2016’s election night, is a shrewd way for American Horror Story producers to attract viewers who’ve never watched the TV show. The new viewing audience will tune in simply because they can identify with the scene in the American Horror Story “Election Night” trailer.


Take a look at some Facebook conversations.


“This is a pretty accurate representation of what the election felt like and what trump America Anxiety feels like.”

“Think this is the same reaction everyone had to trump becoming president at least those with a brain.”

“American Horror Story #Cult is going to to be ridiculous, it’s not a stretch to say that after election night of trumps presidency, The White House has become a circus.”

“Seriously clowns and Donald Trump!!! This will be the scariest season yet!!”

“Absolutely love that they are using the political election of 2016 for American Horror Story I do believe that’s exactly how I screamed at the TV when Trump became president! Couldn’t be more of a scary season Trump as President, clowns and Cults so excited for tonight!”


Trump supporters don’t like that the 2016 Presidential election was brought into American Horror Story‘s story line, believing producers should leave politics out of entertainment. Others say they are tired of all the Donald Trump bashing and that the show should be canceled for disrespecting the president.


“I’m pretty disgusted right now. American Horror Story is usually one of my “must” watch programs. Why does the story have to center on Trump’s election? I am so sick and tired of all the Trump bashing. The man is our President and deserves the respect that goes with the office. Goodbye AHS I don’t like the clowns theme either. Hope a lot of folks feel the same way and the ratings are so low the show gets cancelled.”


It doesn’t appear the entire episode will be all politics but rather a great way to kick start an amazing new season while gaining some new fans.


Be of like mind. The official poster for AHS: Cult is here.

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American Horror Story: Cult–Clowns: True Story Angle

American Horror Story’ Cult‘s scary clown angle seems to be inspired by the creepy clown hysteria of 2016. Some reported seeing men dressed as clowns popping up in different cities. There were also reports of clowns chasing people. In South Carolina, it was reported that a clown tried to lure two people into the woods. Most of the clown stories went viral, causing some to believe that it was all a hoax.


However, one thing is real. Some people are absolutely terrified of clowns, even those who don’t look particularly menacing. American Horror Story: Cult “Election Night” brilliantly plays upon those fears.


See us in everything. Tuesday 10 PM on FX.

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American Horror Story: Cult “Election Night” is sure to conjure up some uncomfortable emotions for anti-Trump supporters and clown haters. It airs this Tuesday, September 5 at 9/5 on FX.


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