Jarret Clark, Anthony ‘Tony’ Wallen: ‘Swamp Murders’ Episode On Missing Teen Found Dead In Oklahoma Lake


Jarret Clark’s drowning death by Tony Wallen will be the focus of ID’s Swamp Murders this weekend. What happened to Jarret Clark, of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma should never happen to anyone. Court records show eleven years ago Jarret Clark went on a camping trip and party in the woods and never came home alive. It was a cold case that took eight years to solve. Investigation Discovery’s Swamp Murders‘ episode is titled “What Happened in the Woods.” Anthony ‘Tony’ Wallen and Courtney Manzer were ultimately convicted.


Swamp Murders episode “What Happened in the Woods”

When a mysterious body is found floating in a lake, investigators untangle a web of betrayal and secrecy among friends.



Jarret Clark Case: Night of Fun Leads to Ambush

In May of 2006, Jarret Clark, 18, failed to return home on Mother’s Day. That’s when his mother knew something was deadly wrong. He went missing from a party in the woods with his classmates, an event that was put together in celebration of their graduation from Broken Arrow High.



In the end, Jarret Clark had nothing to celebrate. The poor youth was too busy trying to stay alive after a group of friends turned on him in the woods. Police found a tennis shoe wedged in the fence at Wahoo Bay, and the body of Jarret Clark floating in Fort Gibson Lake.


An examination of the body confirmed someone had physically assaulted him. Oklahoma detectives learned one more devastating clue: an unconscious Jarret Clark was still alive when he was dumped into the lake, police records document.


People in the town knew who did it. However, the police had a hard time proving it. Word was floating around that Brandon Hargrove and Tony Wallen had committed the murder.


Eight years later, police finally learned the circumstances of Jarret Clark’s death. According to friends, Brandon Hargrove grew angry when he saw Jarret Clark flirting with his girlfriend, Courtney Manzer.


Anthony “Tony” Wallen, who was already upset with Jarret, ran up to him and began the assault. Then, he dragged the body to the truck and carried it to the lake before tossing it in.


The classmates kept the secret between them until 2014. Courtney Manzer, who was then in her twenties, decided to tell everything. She admitted to lying to investigators years earlier. She was later convicted of Jarret’s murder.


Oklahoma’s Dept. of Parole told TV Crime Sky that Courtney Manzer received a sentence light sentence and is currently out on parole. Tony Wallen is still incarcerated. He was given a 20-year sentence. However, he only has to serve eight years. Then, he is eligible to spend the rest of his time on parole.




Brandon Hargrove, the teen who many believed started it all, was never brought to trial. He died in a car accident, along with two other men, two years after Jarret Clark’s murder.


Swamp Murders will tell Jarret Clark’s story at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery.



[Main Image via Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections]