Fall Harvest Hallmark: 2017 Romance Movies Roll Out For Six Weekends, Starting September 23 On The Hallmark Channel


“Fall Harvest” 2017 Hallmark movies roll out on the Hallmark Channel on September 23. For six weekends, Hallmark fans will see new movies in line with Hallmark’s “Fall Harvest” programming event. The heartwarming channel just finished up their “Summer Nights” programming. Next, viewers can look forward to “Winterfest.” The first movie to air under the “Fall Harvest” movies umbrella is Falling for Vermont, followed by Harvest of Love and All of My Heart 2. The other three titles are unknown since Hallmark hasn’t released the complete slate just yet.



Falling for Vermont ( Starring Julie Gonzalo and Benjamin Ayres)

After crashing her car in a thunderstorm, a best-selling book writer loses her memory and ends up stumbling into a charming town, where she meets a handsome doctor who allows her to live in his cozy guest house. As she falls in love with the doctor and the new city, she believes trying to remember her former life might just be a memory best left forgotten. It airs Saturday, September 23, at 9/8c.


Harvest Love (Starring Jen Lilley and Ryan Paevey)

After the death of her husband, a female surgeon heads to a beautiful pear orchard, which is owned by her family. Hoping to take a break from her stressful and busy life, she sets out to reconnect with her son. Then, life takes an upward turn when she meets a handsome farm owner who shows her a thing or two about growing pears and opening up to love. It premieres September 30, at 9/8c.



All of My Heart 2 (Starring Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliot)

A sequel to Hallmark Channel’s All of My Heart, viewers fell in love with the caterer and Wallstreet exec who restored a beautiful country home to its former glory. Now, Hallmark fans will feel the romance again as the couple returns in this Fall comedy romance movie. (check back for exact date)




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