Andrew Luster: ‘Guilty Rich’ Tells ‘Date With Darkness’ True Story On Investigation Discovery Show


Andrew Luster’s story premieres on Guilty Rich tonight on Investigation Discovery. Andrew Luster is the wealthy heir to Max Factor cosmetics. Guilty Rich plunges into the world of the rich. Steeped in scandal, betrayal, obsession, and a sense of entitlement, Investigation Discovery’s Guilty Rich exposes what goes on behind the gates of America’s richest people. The TV show also takes a look at how their desire for wealth can lead to devastating consequences.



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Born into riches, Andrew Luster enjoys many life luxuries. However, his secret world will be revealed, leading police on an international manhunt.



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First up on Guilty Rich is the story of Andrew Luster, whose story hit newsstands in the 2000s after he was implicated in a slew of assaults against women. What made the story even more interesting was the connection he had to Max Factor cosmetics since he was the wealthy great grandson.


The handsome and charming Andrew Luster lived a life of privilege as a child growing up in Malibu, California. His life in the lap of luxury continued throughout adulthood. By 2003, he was living in a gorgeous beach cottage, which he paid for with his hefty trust fund money.

It didn’t appear that Andrew Luster ever wanted to work for a living. He was quite content living off of his family’s wealth. A sense of entitlement and his lust for women eventually led to his undoing.


Andrew Luster mugshot 2013Andrew Stuart Luster (né le 15 Décembre, 1963) est l'arrière-petit-fils du géant des cosmé…

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Andrew Luster’s lustrous world came crashing down after a woman came forward with information, alleging that Andrew had spiked her drink, which rendered her helpless. It was then that Luster assaulted her and recorded his actions on videotape.


When California detectives found the tapes, a warrant was issued for his arrest. Andrew Luster didn’t want to go to court to pay for his actions so he was tried and convicted in absentia. However, by that time, Luster was on the run. He was eventually captured by Dog the Bounty Hunter, aka Duane “Dog” Chapman, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, according to court records.



The story became so infamous that a Monday night movie of the week was made about his case.  A Date With Darkness: The Trial and Capture of Andrew Luster premiered on Lifetime Television on Monday, August 11, 2003.

Guilty Rich Andrew Luster let his love for money and his dark obsessions cloud his judgment. Today, he is serving time in a California correctional facility.


The Guilty Rich documentary airs Andrew Luster’s story tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery (ID).


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