Lori Jones, Mike Braae: ‘Shattered’–Lady Killing Cowboy’s Good Looks Charmed Women To Death On ID Channel


Lori Jones’ murder by Mike Braae plays out on Shattered, ID’s documentary crime show. It was almost 20 years ago that Lacey detectives found the body of 44-year-old Lori Jones in the tiny apartment she shared with daughter Elisa Jones. Investigation Discovery’s Shattered examines how Lori Jones’ murder brought so much despair into so many people’s lives.


ID’s Shattered will trace the steps of Lori Jones to determine why and how she died in July 2001, just two days after the Fourth of July. Witnesses say she was last seen leaving Bailey’s Motor Inn, where she enjoyed a night out. She left the place with 42-year-old Mike Braae (Michael Braae), a handsome and charming transient who advertised himself as a country singer and guitar player.


They say Mike Braae was very talented, and women were attracted to him. He was such a womanizer that the media dubbed him “Cowboy Mike.” With his good looks and charm, he didn’t have to assault women. Michael Braae could have most likely chosen any woman he wanted. However, investigators say Mike Braae killed Lori Jones in her apartment before placing the body under the bed.


Under the bed was where she was found days later when her daughter, Elisa Jones, 11, found her after returning from a camping trip.


Medical examiners confirmed Lori was strangled before the assault. Mike Braae told police he didn’t do anything Lori Jones didn’t want him to do, stating he had her full consent. Detectives arrested Braae after a fingerprint and other evidence connected him to the crime scene. Law enforcement investigators also believe he killed Debra Van Luven, 45, Velinda Larsen, 37, and Susan Ault, 39.


Losing his freedom was the last thing Mike ‘Cowboy’ Braae wanted. When police caught him after a high-speed chase, he took one last dive at freedom by jumping from a bridge into Snake River, a 40-foot plunge from the bridge, Oregon Live reported.


Michael John Braae survived. Now, he is serving a 47-year sentence at the Clallam Bay Corrections Center in Washington. Elisa Jones, who is now all grown up, is happy her mother’s killer has been jailed. However, it does nothing to erase the memories from that day.


On Shattered, Elisa Jones tearfully explains how excited she was to go on the fishing trip. She said the last thing she remembers was her mother waving goodbye as she exited the driveway.

Shattered airs on Investigation Discovery this Wednesday, at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery.


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