‘Unwritten Obsession’: In Lifetime Movie It’s ‘Fan Girl’ vs. Mentor In Twisted Thriller, Starring Haley Webb, Chelsea Lopez


Unwritten Obsession, aka Fan Girl, the latest Lifetime movie thriller, airs tonight. The new feature is directed by David Martin Porras and written by Marcy Holland. The 2017 Lifetime movie is about a book writer whose greed leads to devastating consequences when she decides to mentor a young fan. Unwritten Obsession stars Haley Webb as Skye, Chelsea Lopez as Holly, Mary Pat Gleason as Carla, Judy Kain as Chelsea, and Phillip Jordan as Josh.


Unwritten Obsession on Lifetime Television

Some obsessions are hidden, dangerous, and unwritten.


In Unwritten Obsession, we see Skye and her boyfriend, Paul, two talented book writers who have struggled over the years due to Paul’s emotional issues. However, life turns upside down after Skye comes home and finds Paul dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


Now, life as she knows it has changed. Paul’s death and strained finances have dealt her a crushing blow. And Skye’s book publisher is no help at all. She refuses to give Skye an advance and tells her she needs to get her a winning novel.


However, Skye’s money struggles and bereavement, don’t allow her to think long enough to come up with an idea for a winning book. But in the blink of an eye, a young woman who happens to be Skye’s biggest fan walks into her life and asks for Skye to mentor her, and she is willing to pay cash.


What seems like a wonderful idea, turns out to be a nightmare for Skye when she allows Holly to move into her home. Also, Skye is a lot more talented than she previously suspected. In fact, when she reads Holly’s writing, she is blown away, leading Skye to pass Holly’s book off as her own.



However, the unwanted guest has an “unwritten obsession.” She had already anticipated Skye would betray her in this manner. Now the time has come for Holly to expose Skye for who she really is. Meanwhile, Skye is in for a real shocker after she finds out there might be a connection between Holly and her beloved Paul.


Unwritten Obsession (Fan Girl) is produced by Fancy Pants Films and MarVista Entertainment. Kristofer McNeeley is the executive producer. This latest Lifetime movie flick was filmed in Santa Clarita, California.



Unwritten Obsession airs tonight at 8/7 p.m. Central on Lifetime Television.


Movie Trailer: Unwritten Obsession


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