‘Sun, Sand & Romance’: Hallmark Movie Lovers Taken To Exotic Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico


Sun, Sand & Romance, the Hallmark movie, debuts this Saturday for your viewing pleasure. This time Hallmark fans are ferried to another exotic location—the beaches of Mexico—a popular couples destination. Sun, Sand & Romance‘s teleplay is written by Gregg Rossen and Brian Sawyer.  The comedy film, which makes the perfect backdrop for movies and lovers, stars Tricia Helfer as Kate, Paul Campbell as Shep, and Scott Elrod as Eric. It is directed by Mark Rosman, according to TV Insider.



Sun, Sand, and Romance Tease via Hallmark Channel

As caring Shep helps Kate see her adventurous side; Kate rethinks her life.


About Hallmark’s Sun, Sand & Romance

Set in the beautiful town of Cancun, Mexico but filmed in Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Sun, Sand, & Romance shows us Kate, a busy publishing executive who is ready to soak up the local atmosphere with her boyfriend, Eric, an equally driven executive. The couple has promised to spend the majority of their time romancing each other, leaving just a little time for business.


However, Kate and Eric’s plans for a romantic vacation are thrown out after Eric sees an important real estate developer with whom he wants to connect. Eric knows this is a couple’s vacation, but he can’t miss the opportunity to seal a deal. While he chases his new prospect, Kate is left to her own desires.


Luckily, she bumps into Shep, an old friend who happens to be the activity director at the resort. In between his duties, he entertains Kate with exciting escapades. As the two spend more time together, she begins to realize that Shep is everything Eric is not—fun, adventurous, caring, and spontaneous.


Now, it is obvious to Kate that while Eric is seizing new business possibilities, she should seize an opportunity of her own—a chance at love with the handsome Shep.


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Hallmark Channel’s movie, Sun, Sand & Romance is produced by Cartel Pictures, The Cartel, and Crown Media Productions. It is co-executive produced by Anthony Fankhauser and executive produced by Stan Spry and Eric Scott Woods.


Sun, Sand, and Romance Movie Trailer


Sun, Sand, and Romance warms up your summer nights this Saturday, August 26, at 9/8p.m. Central. Fans believe Hallmark Channel consistently provides family-friendly romance movies, which are filmed in gorgeous locations around the world. Last week, Hallmark aired the movie At Home in Mitford.



Sun, Sand, and Romance Movie Trailer/Hallmark


[Main Image via Juan Euan/Crown Media/Permission Use Granted]



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