Falicia Blakely, Ameshia Ervin: ‘When Love Kills’ Tragic True-Story Movie About Atlanta Dancer, Exclusive Interview With TV One Exec Tia Smith


The Falicia Blakely movie, When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story, debuts this Monday night on TV One. Inspired by an episode of For My Man, When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story dramatizes the tragic tale of 18-year-old Falicia Blakely, an Atlanta dancer who shot and killed three men in Atlanta, Georgia, along with her accomplice, Ameshia Ervin, 15 years ago. The thrilling new true-story television movie is directed by Tasha Smith and written by Cas Sigers-Beedles. It stars Lil Mama as Falicia, Lance Gross as Dino, Tami Roman as Stacey, Tiffany Black as Pumpkin, Walter Fauntleroy as “Q,” and Kendrick Cross as Raymond.



When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story Tease

A young and inexperienced Falicia Blakely enters the world of exotic dancing and attracts the attention of a dangerous predator named Dino.


Chronicling the turbulent and tumultuous relationship with her mom, When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story shows us the moment Falicia Blakely storms out of her mother’s house and begins working for a man named “Dino,” a dark figure who sets her life on a disastrous course.


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Falicia Blakely’s Sad True Story

In August of 2002, Falicia Blakely murdered three men: Raymond Goodwin, 34, Claudell ‘Doc’ Christmas, 35, and Lemetrius Twitty, 29. Atlanta investigators say the shootings were all part of an ongoing robbery scam. Falicia Blakely told police the mastermind behind the robberies and murders was Michael ‘Mike’ Berry.


Falicia Blakely’s story began years prior when she lived in Jacksonville, Florida. She didn’t get along with her mother, and their relationship worsened after they moved to Atlanta. It was there that Falicia Blakely began dancing in the local clubs. She had a gorgeous body, and her sensual dance moves drove the men wild. The money and attention also gave her a boost.


However, it all came at a price. Falicia Blakely’s life down-spiraled. She became pregnant for one man who wanted nothing to do with the baby. Then, she met Michael ‘Mike’ Berry, a man she thought loved her until she discovered his true motive. The handsome man who promised to take care of her and the baby wanted Falicia Blakely to work the streets to make him rich.


One Decision Changed Her Life

Mike Berry is the inspiration for Dino’s character in When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story. What stands out the most in this TV One film and in the true story is the level of brainwashing Falicia Blakely endured while she was with Mike (Dino). His manipulation was sophisticated and systematic. At one point, Falicia Blakely didn’t know where her life was headed.


Me and the women that assisted during the crime

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From The Stage To Death Row?

In When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story, it all comes to a tragic end for Falicia Blakely and Ameshia Ervin after “Dino” directs them to lure gullible men to the bedroom, promising them a “night of passion.” However, the plan was to rob and kill them. In the true story, the women went on a week-long crime spree targeting fried chicken joints.

They were arrested after police connected the stolen car Falicia Blakely and Ameshia Ervin were driving to one of the dead victims.

After her arrest, a tired and emotionally drained Falicia Blakely confessed. When this all happened, Falicia Blakely was the youngest woman in Georgia to face the death penalty. In the end, she accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

What happened to Falicia can happen to anyone. Michael Berry caught Falicia at just the right time in her life—when she was desperate and in need. He sat back and watched her. Then, he pounced on her like a lion who had just found his prey.


When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story is a gritty and depressing tell-all. However, it’s real life, and that is exactly what Tia Smith, Sr. Director of Original Programming at TV Onewanted to convey. In an exclusive interview with TV Crime Sky, she stated the following.


“All of it is real life about women who have done these incredible acts in the name of love. That is the tie-in—to know that for love, sometimes we’re only a crazy decision away, where we don’t even recognize who we are. Falicia’s story haunted me. I wanted to show the human side, but I also wanted to show there are consequences.”


The storyline is superb, and the roles are well-acted. It’s a bruising account of what can happen to a woman when she chooses the wrong man to love.


It appears the actors of When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story drew upon their own prior pains and life experiences to bring the perfect amount of drama and passion to the roles. American hip-hop artist Lil Mama is perfect as Falicia Blakely, not only is her facial structure similar, but her fiery personality is spot on.


The flawlessly directed script about Falicia Blakely’s life appears to dramatize the story from a sympathetic light, and it delves into far greater detail than TV One’s For My Man episode. It is believed to be one of the first movies on television, which is based on an African American true crime story, one which doesn’t involve a celebrity or sports figure.


TV One has had so much success with the Micki Howard movie and shows like Fatal Attraction, For My Man, and Justice By Any Means, that the next natural step was to make a true crime movie, TV One executive Tia Smith told TV Crime Sky.


“Our crime Monday nights are killing them. We’re really giving alternative programming to the number of things that are on Monday nights that are doing well. It was the same kind of pattern. Why don’t we do a story and make it into a movie from this genre that is exploding for us?”



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Falicia Is Still Dancing

As for the real-life Falicia Blakely, she can’t change what she did but says she is sorry, author Sereniti Hall told TV Crime Sky in an interview last week. Today, the convicted killer is deeply remorseful and hopes her story helps other women.

According to one former inmate who did time with Blakely in prison, Falicia still has beautiful moves. She is a praise dancer for the Lord, and when she isn’t dancing, she is writing and continuing to inspire the younger inmates with her story.


The man depicted as Dino was never brought to justice for the murders.


When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story airs this Monday, August 28, at 9/8 p.m. Central on TV One. Now, find out about the book based on her life and what happened to the real Dino here.


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