Sandra Barajas, Miguel ‘Mike’ Barajas: Colorado Springs Wife, Daughter Murdered Auto Mechanic Husband On ‘Snapped’ Episode


Snapped spotlights the Sandra Barajas, Miguel ‘Mike’ Barajas Colorado Springs murder case tonight on their latest episode. The Oxygen show is one of the oldest crime TV documentary series that profiles a new female killer each week. Mike Barajas’ story is a sad one. The auto mechanic was ambushed and shot in his own home four years ago, and the crime was made to look like a botched burglary. Telling the fact-based story on Snapped are Bill Otto, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Sergeant, Nick Brklich, an El Paso County Sheriff’s detective, Dan May, the district attorney, Barb Grusing, a neighbor, and Miguel ‘Mike’ Barajas’ brother.


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“Sandra and Mike Barajas have a seemingly happy marriage for 30 years, but after Mike is found dead, a criminal’s confession begins to make it seem like his death was an inside job.”


The Miguel ‘Mike’ Barajas Murder Case Background

Snapped begins as usual with a description of the city. Neighbors say Colorado Springs and Widefield offer quiet and calm living. However, murder visited El Paso County on February 13, 2013. It was the day before Valentine’s Day—a special time for lovers, but prosecutors say there was no love going on between Sandra and Mike Barajas, a couple that had been married for 30 years.


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It was even worse. Mike Barajas was dead in the master bedroom inside his Security-Widefield home. 911 operators dispatched police to Judson Street, where police discovered the victim had been shot. As detectives glanced around the home, they saw graffiti on the wall, the back door wide open, and the home was in complete disarray. Detectives suspected the crime was related to a rash of home invasions.


This Was No Home Invasion

There was one person who didn’t believe this was a home invasion. Miguel ‘Mike’ Barajas’ brother was sure that the dead man’s stepdaughter and her friends were involved. Months later, the investigation confirmed his belief.


Dawn Richburg, 33, along with accomplice Tommy Wright, 34, were arrested for the murder of Mike Barajas. However, there was one more person headed to jail. It was Mike’s wife, Sandra Barajas, 53, Fox-31 reported.


This was the same Sandra Barajas who at one time depended on Mike to take care of her girls when she was a single mom. And Dawn Richburg was the same daughter he had raised. What had gone so deadly wrong that this once-loving family had now turned on each other? Snapped will reveal a motive for the murder.


Other than Miguel ‘Mike’ Barajas’ brother, everyone was shocked the victim’s own family was involved. Those close to the couple thought Mike and Sandra Barajas always seemed like a normal and happy couple. Neighbors described Miguel Barajas as a nice guy who liked to fish and work on his ATV’s.


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Prosecutors believe Miguel ‘Mike’ Barajas was worth more to Sandra Barajas dead than alive. The suspects were all convicted and sent to prison. Tommy Wright, 36, received 40 years in prison. Dawn Richburg, received 45 years, and her mother, Sandra Barajas, 53, received life with no chance of parole.


Snapped on Oxygen will detail the case and follow the investigation today at 6/5 p.m. Central. The show will repeat at 9/8 p.m. Central. Last week’s Snapped told the story of Martha Ann McClancy.


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