‘At Home In Mitford’: Hallmark Movie–Love Blossoms In Idyllic Town Between A Writer And A Bachelor Priest


Hallmark sweeps you away to At Home In Mitford. That’s the title of the newest original movie airing tonight during Hallmark Channel’s summer programming series. At Home In Mitford follows a female writer who travels to an idyllic town, where she feels charmed by the city, the people, and a lovable bachelor who happens to be an Episcopal priest.


At Home In Mitford is directed from a script by Margaret Oberman and Pamela Wallace, with Gary Harvey directing. The Hallmark movie is based on a novel by Jan Karon. It stars Andie MacDowell as Cynthia Coppersmith, Cameron Mathison as Tim Kavanaugh, Ken Tremblett as Jack Emery, Peter Hanlon as Russel Jacks, and Nicholas Holmes as Dooley, according to Parade.


Plot For At Home In Mitford: A Hallmark Movie

He’s a bachelor. She’s divorced. And love seems picture-perfect.


The two-hour movie drama on Hallmark presents viewers to the town of Mitford, where the lawns are green, and the air is pure and kind. It’s in this setting that Cynthia becomes enchanted with the town while she is in Mitford to help finalize her dead uncle’s affairs.



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Since her divorce, a brokenhearted Cynthia has found it hard to complete her new book about a magical cat named Violet, but now the struggling writer realizes that Mitford provides the perfect backdrop to help her overcome writer’s block.



And there is just one more thing that makes being in Mitford easier, a handsome bachelor who happens to be the local priest. He’s kind, tender, and caring, which makes an impression on Cynthia. As the writer and priest are drawn closer together while caring for a needy one, their closed minds and hearts begin to open wide for love.


At Home In Mitford is produced by Mitford Films Inc. The executive producers are Howard Braunstein and Andie Macdowell. The producer is listed as Christian Bruyère. At Home In Mitford airs tonight at 10 p.m. on the Hallmark Channel.


[Main Image via Kailey Schwerman/Crown Media]



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