Michael ‘Mike’ Berry: The Real ‘Dino’ Plus, Falicia Blakely Talks In New Book ‘A Treacherous Hustle’ By Sereniti Hall


Michael Berry is the name of the real “Dino” portrayed in TV One‘s true-crime movie When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story. After seeing the film, many will want to know where he is now. Today, he is serving time at the Georgia State prison for possession charges. Falicia Blakely knew him as “Mike.” One very detailed account about the real “Dino,” and the true events that inspired the film, can be found in an old Creative Loafing article, which is available online. Michael “Dino” Berry was never prosecuted for the Atlanta murders. The movie about their lives airs next Monday, August 28, at 9 p.m., according to Rolling Out.


The murders of Raymond Goodwin, Claudell “Doc” Christmas, and Lemetrius Twitty occurred in 2002. Three years later, “Dino” (Mike Berry), was convicted on unrelated charges, while Falicia Blakely was sentenced to prison for life for the murders she said he ordered. Michael Berry’s stints in prison date all the way back to 1995, perhaps even earlier. He has been in and out of prison since Falicia Blakely was convicted. Today, Mike Berry is about 47 years old.


Falicia Blakely Tells Her Own Story In New Book 

Falicia Blakely told TV Crime Sky exclusively through book writer Sereniti Hall that the man shown in the photo above is definitely the Mike Berry she knew. Over the years, his appearance has changed. Blakely has a collection of letters Mike Berry mailed to her in prison.


Posted by Falicia Blakely on Sunday, August 6, 2017


Falicia Blakely also said for a long time she tried to protect Mike Berry. Now, she believes prison is exactly where he needs to be. She made the following statement to TV Crime Sky from prison last night through Sereniti Hall.


“He’s where he wants to be. He likes boys, too.”


Michael ‘Mike’ Berry’s level of evil and control still stands out in her mind today. According to the For My Man episode, he made her wear a chain necklace, which had a padlock on it. The necklace was symbolic, yet it sent a clear message that Falicia Blakely should always know her place.


It’s one of the reasons that Falicia Blakely wanted her story told. A Treacherous Hustle, the book by Sereniti Hall, is a detailed and sad account of what really happened. Hall made the following statement in an interview with TV Crime Sky.



“Falicia Blakely wants everyone to know the entire story not just some of it. The film is only a small piece. There’s so much that people don’t know about her until they read the book. Her story is very sad. You have no clue how sad—even the editor, Linda J Wilson, was crying.”


Author Sereniti Hall, whose real name is Dorothy Hall, visits Falicia Blakely often. Here is what she told TV Crime Sky.

“We have bonded through conversation and video visits. I feel her pain, and now that I’ve had the chance to get to know her, I can tell that her state of mind was different. I grew up in the streets, and I’ve seen it all. At least, I thought I had until now.”


The Falicia Blakely biographer also tells TV Crime Sky that Falicia’s child is doing well. In the movie, her son was portrayed as her daughter, a detail Falicia Blakely found confusing. Currently, he is a 16-year-old soccer player, and according to Sereniti Hall, he is also well-mannered and intelligent.


To some, Falicia Blakely’s story is too heavy to share with her son, who she calls “Man.” However, she felt it was important for him to know everything that happened. Sereniti Hall says his mother’s life story has done nothing to change the way he feels about his mother. She told TV Crime Sky this.


“She talked with him about everything, meaning the book and the movie. He told her that no matter what, he still loves her.”


In the book, A Treacherous Hustle, some of the real names were changed. “Dino,” aka Mike Berry, is Mark Newberry in the book. The names of the victims were also changed to protect their identities.


According to Hall, Falicia Blakely is happy about the movie and says she’ll be watching it from Arrendale State Prison. Sereniti Hall will post updates on her Facebook page when it airs next Monday night. Fans of When Love Kills can find out more about the Falicia Blakely book at 7 Figures Publications.




[Main Image via Georgia Dept. of Corrections/Falicia Blakely Instagram/Permission Use Granted]

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