Kim Wall, Peter Madsen: What Story Was ‘Presumed Dead’ Journalist Exposing About ‘Crazy’ Submarine Owner?


Kim Wall’s disappearance and presumed death at the hands of submarine owner and Danish inventor Peter Madsen sound like a Lifetime movie or an episode of The Perfect Murder. Authorities say Kim Wall, 30, vanished off the coast of Copenhagen and was last seen aboard Peter Madsen’s submarine last Thursday. His submarine sank. He emerged alive. However, Kim Wall hasn’t been seen since. A shocking last photo of the missing freelance journalist has emerged, according to Jezebel. Peter Madsen, 46, has since been detained and arrested for involuntary manslaughter. Update: Peter Madsen has admitted Kim Wall died aboard his submarine in an accident and was buried at sea.


Freelance Journalist Disappears Aboard Submarine

According to Yahoo News, Kim Wall was in the process of writing an independent story for Wired Magazine about Peter Madsen, who is known for his quick temper and craziness. Some remember Peter Madsen offering them the chance to ride in his submarine. However, they refused.


For her research, Kim Wall was to board the UC-3 Nautilus to interview the vessel’s owner. When she failed to return home as planned, her worried boyfriend filed a missing person report and contacted family members.


Authorities say Peter Madsen’s submarine sank in the waters between Denmark and Sweden. A witness has come forward, stating she saw the submarine sink in the waters. She said just before it sank, she saw Peter Madsen enter the submarine, and then emerge as it was sinking. He eventually escaped the descending vessel and was later rescued. The woman said Madsen didn’t appear frightened or alarmed.



Police searched the submarine and didn’t find Kim Wall, and when they asked Peter Madsen what happened to the journalist, he told them she left the submarine after she was dropped off near Copenhagen. Investigators doubt Kim Wall is alive and enjoying life on an island. They presume the journalist is dead, and that Peter Madsen sank his own submarine to cover his tracks after the woman died.


According to Kim Wall’s LinkedIn profile, she was an independent journalist who often wrote stories for The Guardian, New York Times, and Harper’s Magazine. Traveling was a large part of Kim Wall’s job as a researcher and writer. Her work has taken her to India, Austrailia, and Hong Kong. It appears her Facebook page has been set to private, and her Twitter and Instagram pages are now closed.


Kim Wall’s Shady Disappearance: What Was She Investigating?

What was Kim Wall about to expose about Peter Madsen? Had she said something to portray him in a negative light? What happened aboard the boat? Is it possible Peter Madsen tried to assault the journalist?


Investigators are still answering those questions. For now, they are revealing very little information to the public. In the meantime, Kim Wall’s family and loved ones are left to grieve with no real answers from Peter Madsen. TV Crime Sky recently reported on the mysterious murder of a woman aboard a cruise ship. In that case, her husband was arrested for murder.


[Main Image by Kim Wall/Facebook]

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