Sean Taylor, Eric Rivera: Death Of NFL Washington Redskins Football Star Ends ‘The Perfect Murder’ Season Finale On ID Channel


The Perfect Murder will air the death of NFL star Sean Taylor and the arrest of his killer, Eric Rivera, for the season finale of tonight’s Investigation Discovery show. Court records show the talented Washington Redskins football player was shot dead in his Miami, Florida home ten years ago in front of his infant daughter and girlfriend, Jackie Garcia. The murder occurred due to a botched robbery at his home. Eric Rivera, the shooter, was convicted of the murder along with his accomplices. They all received long sentences, according to CBS Sports.


The Perfect Murder episode “Football Fatale” Tease

After a celebrity NFL football player is gunned down in his mansion, detectives believe this was no ordinary burglary but an ambush orchestrated by someone who had their eye on his money.




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Sean Taylor, 24, was at home nursing an injured knee in November of 2007 when several men broke into his home and shot him. Authorities say Taylor was struck in the leg. He died trying to protect his baby and his woman. For a while, worried family members thought Sean Taylor might pull through after he was airlifted to the local hospital. Media outlets even reported that Sean Taylor had undergone surgery and was making facial expressions.



However, the rising and shining star’s leg injury was too severe, and he died, leaving behind a grieving girlfriend and a slew of mourning fans and teammates. Over the years, Sean Taylor had some problems in his life but had overcome them. They say it was the birth of his daughter that made him change his ways, keeping him focused on his career and his family.


Sean Taylor, Washington Redskins

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Eric Rivera, who was just 17 years old at the time, took that all away. The greedy teen saw an opportunity to make some money and devised a plan to enter the home while Sean Taylor was at a game. But Sean Taylor was not at a game. He was home at 1:45 a.m. where he was supposed to be when the door was suddenly kicked down, surprising Sean Taylor and his girlfriend.


After Sean Taylor was gunned down, Eric Rivera and his accomplices fled the home, sped through what is known as “Alligator Alley,” and then tossed the gun in the Florida Everglades, according to the Daily Mail.

When Eric Rivera was caught, he eventually confessed to the shooting. At trial, a stoic Eric Rivera showed no emotion. A judge sentenced Eric Rivera to 57 years in prison. Law enforcement investigators say free safety player Sean Taylor’s giving and generous spirit made him a target since he was known to carry large sums of cash.


Jason Mitchell received life. Venjah Hunte received 29 years. Charles Wardlow received 30 years, and Timothy ‘Timmy” Lee Brown received 18 years in prison.


The Perfect Murder, which is produced by Kaufman Films, rolls out several gripping true-story mystery episodes each season. Tonight’s TV season finale episode about the Sean Taylor murder case begins at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery.




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Football Fatale

It’s a cool Monday evening in Miami, Florida on November 26th, 2007, just a few days after Thanksgiving. Jackie Garcia and her fiancé, Sean Taylor, are putting their baby into her crib. Sean is not only a devoted dad but the star safety of the Washington Redskins, one of the best players the game has ever seen.Just moments after turning out the light, the couple is startled to hear noises from the living room. Sean grabs a machete from under the bed and stands his ground, ready to defend his family, just as someone begins kicking and pounding against the bedroom door. Under the covers, Jackie keeps her head down, cradling her baby, then jumps at the sound of two gunshots.After a moment, when the room goes quiet, Jackie peeks out from under the covers and is relieved to see the intruders have fled. But relief turns to horror when she sees Sean unconscious, lying on the floor, bleeding. For Miami detectives, it’s the explosive start of an investigation into the world of big- money sports that will examine the meaning of family and the high price of fame.Watch the season finale of "The Perfect Murder" Wednesday, August 16th at 9 pm – only on Investigation Discovery.

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[Main Image From left to right: Eric Rivera, Jason Mitchell, Charles Wardlow, and Timothy ‘Timmy’ Lee Brown/ via Florida Dept. of Corrections]

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