Scott Peterson Interview: ‘The Murder Of Laci Peterson’ On A+E Documentary Tonight


Scott Peterson killed his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, almost 15 years ago. Tonight, A&E‘s The Murder of Laci Peterson, a new crime documentary series will tell us how. Promising to take a fresh look at the Scott Peterson trial, The Murder of Laci Peterson gives viewers “unprecedented access” to the case through interviews with Laci Peterson insiders. Scott Peterson will also speak from death row.


Scott Peterson Interview: A&E Channel: The Murder of Laci Peterson

According to the Los Angeles Times, Laci Peterson and her son, Connor, died during the Christmas holidays of 2002. Her husband, Scott Peterson, was found guilty and sentenced to California’s death row. Laci’s death broke America’s heart. The picture-perfect couple represented the All-American family, and disaster struck in a way that Laci’s family could never have imagined.


Photos of a bubbly and cute Laci Peterson alongside her handsome and charming husband, Scott Peterson, made everyone want to know what went wrong in this enviable family, and how could a seemingly perfect husband be capable of such a monstrous act? The murder of Laci Peterson outraged and saddened the public. It also put a spotlight on the number of pregnant women who are killed by their intimate partners.


FOR THE FIRST TIME: Scott Peterson speaks from death row on Laci Peterson murder:

Posted by ABC 7 Chicago on Tuesday, August 15, 2017


In the Scott Peterson interview, he says the police stopped looking for other suspects and that they only focused on him. Scott Peterson also emphasizes that the pregnant mom-to-be was seen by other people after he left their Modesto home.

The A+E documentary series will include interviews with case experts who say there was a burglary occurring in the home right across the street from Scott and Laci Peterson’s house on the day she disappeared.


Where did Laci Peterson actually die?

Most experts will agree the murder of Laci Peterson occurred in their home. Some believe she was strangled in the kitchen; others believe it could have possibly happened in the bedroom. Scott Peterson has always denied killing Laci.




"Even as the 15-year anniversary of the case approaches, the new documentary reveals details that many have never heard before."

Posted by A&E on Monday, August 14, 2017


In The Murder of Laci Peterson, Scott Peterson will describe his first moments on death row, and the first time he realized his situation was never going to get any better. The Murder of Laci Peterson will air for six episodes on A+E  each week at 10 p.m.


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