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Lynda McClelland, David Repasky: ‘Gone’–Missing Mom Murdered By Son-In-Law After Alleged ‘Encounter’ On ID’s TV Doc

Lynda McClelland vanished and was later found buried in a shallow grave 17 years ago. Her son-in-law, David Repasky, was convicted of her death. The Forest Hills, Pennsylvania case has attracted the attention of a major true-crime documentary series on Investigation Discovery called Gone. The television show focuses on mysterious disappearances. The murder of Lynda McClelland took several years to solve. An informant later came forward and told Pennsylvania detectives that David Repasky killed his mother-in-law after a romantic interlude took a deadly turn.


Gone episode “Devil Among Us” teaser

When a 44-year-old beloved grandmother vanishes just after visiting with her three grandchildren, it’s possible she disappeared to clear her head or end her life. However, the mystery is solved after an informant in a burglary case makes a shocking confession.



When Amanda Repasky’s mother, Lynda McClelland, disappeared in July of 2000, she couldn’t have imagined the outcome. Lynda McClelland vanished from her Forest Hills home after visiting with family members. She left her purse and keys behind. The family was so distraught and upset that they organized a search to find the missing mother and grandmother. Reward money was offered for any information leading to her whereabouts.


Lynda McClelland’s son-in-law even helped his pregnant bride through the woods as they searched for Lynda. What Amanda Repasky didn’t know was that the man she had recently married had a secret. He was the one who killed her mother and buried her in a shallow grave on a steep hill, near Quarry Street and the Chalfant border.


For more than two years she agonized over her missing mother. She would have never known the truth if Donald Wall, David Repasky’s childhood friend, hadn’t told police what really happened. The details of the murder came to light after police began investigating a burglary ring.


Donald Wall told investigators that David Repasky, 25, called him and asked him to come over. When he arrived at the home, he found Lynda McClelland on the living room floor, according to the Post-Gazette. She was partially unclothed.


Though shocked, Donald Wall helped David Repasky get rid of the body by burying it on the hill. When police found Lynda McClelland after hours of digging, she was wrapped in a plastic sheet. For investigators, it was an eerie scene on the hill that night. The Forest Hills community was shocked. However, no one was more shocked than Lynda McClelland’s daughter.



And there was one more surprising detail. According to Donald Wall and David Repasky, he was having an affair with his mother-in-law. David said he killed her after she threatened to tell his wife. Lynda McClelland’s mother was the only one who suspected that her daughter’s son-in-law was involved due to his checkered past.


Some family members don’t believe that David and Lynda had an affair. Although, neighbors said they remembered seeing a man frequenting her home but assumed it was her boyfriend. Lynda McClelland was remembered fondly by her co-workers at the Plaza restaurant, where she worked as a waitress.


Interesting Detail

Renowned psychic Sylvia Browne told Lynda McClelland’s relatives on the Montell Williams show that she was alive in Orlando, Florida. According to Brown, she had been taken by a man named “M.J.”


The psychic said that Lynda was confused and in a nursing home there. It’s possible Sylvia Brown was really seeing the initials of Donald “D.J” Wall. Sleuthsayers reported that David Repasky actually shook Sylvia’s hand. She had no idea that he was the killer. Investigation Discovery will dramatize the case on Gone tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central.


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