Crystal Parker, Danielle Parker: Ex-Female Lover Murdered East Point Police Officer On Next TV One’s ‘Fatal Attraction’


Officer Crystal Parker, an East Point, Georgia cop who was murdered by her ex-roommate and lover, Danielle Parker, will have her case highlighted on the next episode of Fatal Attraction on TV One. TV One is one of the leaders in crime television, often featuring African American true crime stories. The case of Crystal Parker is most disturbing. Her death outraged the community, prompting prosecutors to eye the death penalty. Instead, Danielle Alexis Parker received a life sentence.


Fatal Attraction episode “Night Terror” teaser

On tonight’s dramatization, Fatal Attraction viewers are introduced to the sad story of Cpl. Crystal Adele Parker, 34, who was shot and killed in her East Point, Georgia home.


When East Point Police arrived at the Creel Road home in the College Park community, they found the African American female police officer in her bedroom. She had been shot in the back of the head. Police deduced that the body had been in the home for up to three days. The fatal incident took place during the Fourth of July weekend of 2013, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Crystal Parker’s boss told Georgia investigators that she had failed to show up to work, and text messages revealed that someone had impersonated her. That person was Danielle Parker, 30. Police learned that Danielle Parker and Crystal Parker were estranged lovers. The turbulent relationship had ended, and Crystal Parker kicked Danielle out of their suburban home and got a new girlfriend.


Within hours of confirmation that she was a homicide victim, Officer Crystal Parker's suspected killer has been…

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However, the relationship didn’t really end. Cell phone triangulation showed that on that holiday weekend, Danielle and Crystal Parker were together. Prosecutors believe the estranged couple engaged in a night of passion, and tempers flared after Danielle Parker found out about the new woman. Police investigators say while Danielle was sending fake text messages to Crystal Parker’s boss, she was also sending harassing messages to the new girlfriend on Facebook. Danielle Parker was picked up by U.S. Marshals in Atlanta and charged with the officer’s murder.


Photos of Officer Crystal Parker from the East Point Police.

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At one time, Danielle and Crystal Parker were very much in love. Friends say Crystal doted on Danielle, always lavishing her with gifts and taking her to nice dinners. They lived together for more than four years. A heartbroken and furious Danielle Parker didn’t want to give up her lifestyle, so she killed her ex-lover for the death benefits, according to Fatal Attraction.


Fatal Attraction will air the story of Danielle Parker and Crystal Parker tonight at 9 p.m. Central on TV One.


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