Martha Ann McClancy, Chuck Kaczmarczyk: ‘Snapped’ Tellico Plains Murder Case Plays Out On Oxygen Crime Documentary


Snapped is taking on the case of Martha Ann McClancy and her former lover-turned husband, Chuck Kaczmarczyk. The couple was convicted of the death of Bob McClancy, Martha’s previous husband. Investigators say Martha and Chuck wanted Robert ‘Bob’ McClancy dead so they could use his death benefits. The case happened eleven years ago in Tellico Plains, Tennessee. Martha McClancy and Chuck Kaczmarczyk were sent to prison for the crime.


On Oxygen’s Snapped episode Martha Ann McClancy 

The case came to the attention of investigators in the summer of 2006. It was then that they received a 911 call from a man who said he walked into his friend’s residence and found him dead. When officers arrived, they found the middle-aged white male sitting in his chair in the front room. Nearby, investigators found a gun and some medication. Just looking at the scene, it appeared that the old man had taken his own life, The Chattanoogan reported.



The victim was identified as Bob McClancy, 56, and the man who found him was his best friend, Chuck Kaczmarczyk. Chuck didn’t hesitate to tell investigators that Bob had wanted to take his own life for a while and that recently, he had even been released from the psych ward. Bob lived at the home with his wife, Martha Ann McClancy. However, the evidence just didn’t fit. The whole scene appeared to be staged, and after some digging, police found out that Chuck Kaczmarczyk and Martha Ann McClancy were lovers.



Robert ‘Bob’ McClancy’s family knew that he would never take his own life, even though they agreed that he had some problems with stress due to the time he served in the military, according to the Snapped TV documentary. No one could believe that Martha Ann McClancy had been involved in something so heinous. It was quite scandalous because the “Southern belle” was always well-liked, and she carried herself in an elegant and classy manner.


It wasn’t hard for anyone to believe that Chuck could be involved. People described him as a scam artist who lied, cheated, and stole his way to the top. To find out how much time the killers received, tune into Snapped tonight on the Oxygen Channel. Check your local television guide for program times. Last week’s Snapped told the story of Tim and Eve Nance.


Analyze This

According to Snapped, in the end, Bob McClancy should have never trusted anyone like Chuck Kaczmarczyk. Bringing him into his home and having him as a friend, ended up costing Bob McClancy his wife and his life. How well do you know your friends?



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