‘Summer In The Vineyard’: Hallmark Movie Goes To Okanagan Valley


Summer in the Vineyard, Hallmark Channel’s original new movie, takes viewers to the beautiful vineyards of Okanagan Valley. Of course, in the movie, the location was changed to Sorrento Farms in Napa Valley. This warm and charming flick is part of Hallmark Channel’s ‘Summer Fest’ programming. Summer in the Vineyard is directed by Martin Wood. The teleplay was written by Julie Sherman Wolfe, which is based on the novel “Summer in Napa” by Marina Adair. Saturday night’s television movie is a sequel to the 2016 Hallmark film Autumn in the Vineyard. It stars Rachael Leigh Cook and Brendan Penny, according to Today.


Hallmark’s Summer in the Vineyard: What It’s About?

Hallmark fans will ride along to Sorrento Farms, where Frankie and Nate, who are now a couple, are preparing for their upcoming wine and food tasting event. It is there that they will unveil their new wine, which should bring more attention to their lovely vineyard. Working together provides Frankie and Nate with the chance to spend time together every day while doing their work.


Frankie is thrilled with the idea, believing this will help keep the relationship solid. Nate, however, would prefer to keep work and home separate. When a problem arises, Frankie and Nate’s relationship is tested.



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Now, the business threatens to tear the couple apart. Will Frankie and Nate’s love survive this latest hiccup? Or will the partnership leave a bitter taste?

In the behind-the-scenes clip with Summer in the Vineyard‘s actors Rachael Leigh Cook and Brendan Penny, they discuss the thrill of doing what they love in such a beautiful setting. The actors say there is nothing fake about the movie’s backdrop. It’s all natural, and it’s like working in paradise. Summer in the Vineyard producers filmed the movie in the stunning town of Osoyoos in the Okanagan Valley in Canada.


Actress Rachael Leigh Cook says Brendan Penney is an amazing actor to work with, and Brendan Penny describes Rachael Leigh Cook endearing and sweet. Summer in the Vineyard is produced by Muse Entertainment and Head First Productions. It premieres on Hallmark Channel this Saturday, August 12, at 9/8 p.m. Central. Previously, Love On a Limb premiered on Hallmark Channel.



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