Michelle Hadley, Angela Diaz: ‘Dateline’–Jealous Pregnant Wife, Stalked, Framed, Jailed Hubby’s Ex In ‘Diabolical’ Plot


The Michelle Hadley, Angela Diaz Orange County, California case airs on Dateline NBC tonight. Michelle Hadley’s story is a twisted tale of rivalry that almost ruined her life forever. Angela Diaz was a pregnant wife who stalked and framed her husband’s ex-fiancee, Michelle Hadley, all in the name of jealousy. The Dateline episode, which first aired in February, is called “Diabolical.”

Anaheim, California 2016

According to Dateline NBC, while pregnant, Angela Diaz concocted a diabolical plan to destroy the competition. It was her husband’s ex-girlfriend, Michelle Hadley, a beautiful and successful young woman who had already moved on with her life.


However, in the twisted mind of Angela Diaz, 31, Michelle Hadley was still a threat. She executed her plan by placing inappropriate ads on Craigslist under her own name. Then, she contacted police and told them Michelle did it. Michelle Hadley was eventually arrested for stalking.


Michelle Hadley,30, had been uprooted from her wonderful life and thrown in jail. It was like a nightmare. It was like a horrifying Lifetime movie that had come true. For months, Michelle Hadley stewed in jail, wondering how she had ended up there, she told Dateline.


“You feel like an animal.”

After a thorough investigation, all leads traced back to Angela Diaz. Investigators were shocked to find out that she was the one who had placed the ads. Angela Diaz was arrested and convicted of the crimes.


Prosecutors now say the man's ex-girlfriend was not to blame. Instead they believe it was his wife posing as his ex.

Posted by OC Weekly on Tuesday, January 10, 2017


By then, Michelle Hadley, the good girl, the MBA student, had lost everything. After her release, she began putting her life back together. And tonight, she tells her harrowing story on Dateline.

Michelle Hadley and Angela Diaz’ story airs on Dateline at 10/9 p.m. Central on NBC.


Analyze This

Tonight’s Dateline NBC episode shows that Michelle Hadley’s most bitter and dangerous enemy was lurking around the corner without her knowledge. Angela Diaz had already married the love of her life, yet she was so obsessed with Michelle Hadley.


Dateline “Diabolical” TV Trailer

[Main Image via Orange County District Attorney]



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