Sebastian Kelley: Missing Maine Dad Vanishes After Hospital Visit, Near Portland Pride Parade


Police say Sebastian Kelley left a Maine hospital after sustaining severe injuries from an assault and has disappeared into thin air. The missing father has not had contact with his family since June 17. For almost two months, investigators have tried to retrace his steps. Dive searches were conducted at the river, according to Bangor Daily News. However, thirty-year-old Sebastian Kelley is simply gone.


During the Lively Beat of the Portland Pride Parade, A Father Vanishes

The day before he disappeared, Sebastian Kelley went to the Maine Medical Center on June 16 after an alleged assault that took place at a residence in Westbrook at his girlfriend’s home, according to information posted on a recent GoFundMe page. Doctors say the injuries to his head were so severe that he was advised not to leave.

However, Sebastian Kelley did leave, and he headed to his sister’s home so she could take care of him there. Then, he left her Gilman Street home on June 17 and was dropped off by his landlord near downtown Portland. He wanted to go to the local library to use the computer. Cousin Samantha Kelley told TV Crime Sky the following.


“His landlord had given him a ride into downtown Portland as close as possible to the public library, but he could only get so close because the Portland Pride Parade was happening that day. After that–no one has seen him since.”



Relatives filed a missing person report when they lost communication with Sebastian. Now, no one knows what happened to him after he was dropped off. Relatives say Sebastian Kelley is not the kind of person to lose complete contact with his family.


Since news of his disappearance was made public, online commenters reported seeing someone who looked like Sebastian Kelley. “It’s all hearsay,” close relatives state. The last official sighting was on June 17.



Posted by Sebastian Kelley on Friday, October 21, 2016


And there is one more disturbing aspect to this case. Sebastian Kelley missed his son’s first birthday, something the loving father would never do, Samantha Kelley told TV Crime Sky.


“For him to miss his son’s first birthday is not like him. He doesn’t miss anything that has to do with his children. Sebastian is such a family man and family oriented.”


Posted by Sebastian Kelley on Friday, October 21, 2016


Hope Diminishes As Family Waits

Despite their attempts to stay positive, the family believes Sebastian Kelley could be the victim of foul play. Another cousin, Caroline DiSanto, told TV Crime Sky that both of Sebastian Kelley’s parents are deceased, so the close relationship he has with the rest of his family is important to him.


Meanwhile, Portland Police Department and Westbrook Police Department are still searching for clues and following up on leads. Friends and relatives have passed out posters and are in the process of launching their own investigation. There is also a Facebook page called Missing Sebastian.


Sebastian Kelley has worked as a day laborer in the past but is a talented artist. He pours all of his feelings, his heart, and his soul into his beautiful paintings.


Missing: Sebastian KelleyDate Last Seen: June 17, 2017Location Last Seen: Portland, MeType of Case: UnexplainedAge…

Posted by Missing Sebastian on Sunday, August 6, 2017


Where is Sebastian Kelley?

Did he accept a ride from someone else after he was dropped off? Did he ever make it to the public library?


Whatever the case, his family says they just want him to be found. Sebastian Kelley is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs between 195 and 200 pounds. He is described as biracial or African American with a light complexion, according to Maine Missing Report.


Sebastian Kelley also has a few piercings and two tattoos with the words “Flame” and “Willow Grace.” He looks different in appearance when wearing facial hair. If you’ve seen this missing father or heard anything regarding his disappearance, contact the police at 207-874-8524.





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