Julie Love, Emmanuel Hammond: Georgia Teacher Kidnapped, Murdered After Running Out Of Gas On ‘The Perfect Murder’ Tonight


Julie Love, a beloved teacher, was kidnapped and murdered by Emmanuel Hammond, nearly three decades ago. Tonight, Investigation Discovery’s hit show, The Perfect Murder, will revisit the case that shook Atlanta, Georgia. Julie Love, 27, vanished after a meeting and recent engagement to her boyfriend. For a year, Julie Love’s case was unsolved, until someone came forward and pointed the finger to Emmanuel Fitzgerald Hammond, who was convicted and sentenced to death for the crime.


The Perfect Murder episode “Love and Death” Teaser

When a beautiful teacher disappears a week after her boyfriend proposes to her, everyone is in disbelief. And the case, which baffles detectives, takes them through an unexpected maze of terror as they find out the truth about what really happened to Julie.


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This latest episode of The Perfect Murder on Investigation Discovery is one of the most heartbreaking murder cases they’ve shown this season. It involves the sad story of Julie Love, an adored preschool teacher, who vanished into thin air.


For a year, relatives and residents in Atlanta, Georgia, wondered what happened to Julie Love when she left that meeting for the last time. They found out the grisly truth in 1989 after a woman named Janice Weldon came forward with information about where they could find her body.


Prosecutors say at around 10 p.m. on that hot summer night in July of 1988, Julie Love’s red convertible Mustang ran out of gas. She got out of her vehicle and began walking. Julie Love had no idea that death lurked just ahead.


She had been spotted by Emmanuel Hammond and his cousin, William Maurice Porter. When they pulled up beside her on that dark road in the Cutlass they were driving, Julie Love saw three people in the car, and she immediately knew she didn’t want a ride from them. So Julie lied. She told them she lived in the house just ahead. To fool them, she walked up the driveway to the house, until she thought Emmanuel Hammond and his wicked crew were out of sight.


One moment you are happy and in love. The next, you're the focus of a search party. Follow detectives in Atlanta On an all new episode of The Perfect Murder this Wednesday at 9pm on Investigation Discovery.

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But as Julie Love began walking again, someone in the car looked back and spotted her. They circled around, shut off their beaming lights, and approached Julie Love again. This time, they shoved her into the vehicle and assaulted her over the next several hours. Later, Emmanuel Hammond escorted Julie Love into a wooded area, shot her, and left her under a pile of trash, according to ID’s TV show.

Before Julie was finally killed, it seemed like she almost had a chance to live. Julie Love came into contact with two women who could have possibly saved her life. When Julie Love was abducted, Emmanuel Hammond’s girlfriend, Atlanta stripper Janice Weldon, was in the car that night. However, she told Hammond she needed to go home. She left Julie Love with the two men.


Then, Emmanuel Hammond made a stop at his mother’s house with Julie. However, Hammond’s mother, who was standing in the kitchen, paid no attention to them or the strange Caucasian woman who was in her home, court records at Caselaw show.



Janice Weldon kept the secret about Julie Love’s fate until she finally came forward a year later after Emmanuel Hammond almost choked her to death. Janice Weldon knew then if she didn’t report him to police, she’d be his next victim. Due to her help, Georgia authorities arrested Emmanuel Hammond and Maurice Porter. It was Maurice who led police to the body.


ID’s The Perfect Murder will show that Emmanuel Hammond was a crazed and dangerous man. Before Julie Love, there were a few more victims. However, they survived. One woman was even dumped in the woods under a blanket, where she was left to die. Emmanuel Hammond came back to the location to show his girlfriend what he had done. When the victim was sure Emmanuel had left the scene, she got up and stumbled her way through the woods until she could find help.


At some point, Hammond might have gone back to the location, where he would have been shocked to see that the woman under the blanket had disappeared. Sadly, Julie Love was his next victim.


Emmanuel Hammond was put to death in 2011. Maurice Porter is serving life in prison. Janice Weldon got immunity and still lives in Georgia, according to her Facebook page. There is one more intriguing piece to this puzzle. Emmanuel Hammond started committing crimes in high school. He studied the art of robbery and assault under the direction of a Georgia man named Antonio Stephney. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Antonio Stephney’s murder was featured in several television crime documentaries on Investigation Discovery and TV One about another case.


Antonio Stephney was gunned down by serial shooter William Charles Lewis in East Point, Georgia in 2001. By then, Antonio Stephney had been released from prison and had changed his life. He was shot on his way to work at the hospital where he was employed as a janitor.

The Georgia Department of Corrections made the following statement regarding Emmanuel Hammond’s last meal.

“Hammond requested a last meal consisting of fried chicken, french fries, corn on the cob, jalapeno peppers, mint chocolate chip ice cream and cherry limeade.”



The Perfect Murder will re-create Julie love’s story tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery. Note: The main photo above is William Maurice Porter as he looks today.


Love and Death

Mark hasn't heard from his fiancé Julie for a few days now. After checking her condo and seeing that her car isn't parked outside he alerts authorities. Within an hour the car is found. Julie’s abandoned red Mustang convertible sits on the side of the road. The car is in good shape, undamaged, but there is no sign of Julie. Her keys and purse are also gone.Where is Julie Love? Answering that question will prove to be a test of detectives’ skill and perseverance…and reveal a crime so vicious that it will haunt the city of Atlanta.Get ready for an all new episode of 'The Perfect Murder' on Investigation Discovery. 'Love and Death' airs Wednesday, August 9th at 9 pm.

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