Tim Nance, Eve Nance: ‘Snapped’–Wife Killed, Dumped Cheating Wisconsin Husband In Woods


This week’s Snapped details the riveting case of Tim Nance and the woman who killed him, Eve Nance. Authorities say Eve Nance had grown tired of her husband’s cheating ways and shot him before dumping the body in the woods. Oxygen’s crime television series, Snapped, takes viewers to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, where the case made headlines four years ago. Eve Nance received life in prison for her missing husband’s murder.


Snapped episode 21: Eve Nance

A Fond du Lac, Wisconsin woman reports her husband missing, and police believe his wife knows more than she is telling.


Tim and Eve Nance Case

On Snapped, the story of Eve and Tim Nance began when Eve met Tim at the age of 16. The couple married and stayed together for more than 15 years. However, friends say the relationship wasn’t all love and roses. In fact, Eve and Tim had serious problems in their marriage.

Eve Nance said Tim often left the house on Friday evenings and wouldn’t return for days at a time. The reason? He was seeing other women on the side, she alleged. When he’d finally return, they often argued, and many times, it turned physical.

In November of 2013, Eve Nance reported her husband missing. She told police she hadn’t seen Tim Nance since November 1, four days earlier. Everyone who knew Tim Nance said it wasn’t unusual for him to disappear and “do his own thing,” his daughter states in the Snapped preview.

What was unusual was he didn’t communicate with the family during his absence. A police search ensued, and Tim Nance’s body was eventually found in the 6200 block of North 101st street on the North West side of Milwaukee, Fox-6 Now reported.


The medical examiner confirmed that Tim Nance was shot twice in the head before he was wrapped in plastic and dumped in the woods. Fond du Lac Police zoomed in on Eve Nance, who eventually admitted that the two had an altercation, which escalated.

Relatives and friends of Tim Nance say his repeated infidelities were not a reason to kill him. Those who loved Tim Nance remember him as a talkative and jovial man who told great stories. Below is a list of the following guests appearing on the TV show Snapped.

  • WITI Fox-6 reporter Ben Handelman
  • Friend Tasha Bobo
  • Niece Justice Chiodo
  • Daughter, Tameka Nance
  • Eve Nance’s brother Ron Stidham.

Snapped airs on Oxygen today at 6/5 p.m. Central and 9/8 p.m. Central. TV Crime Sky followed another episode of Snapped, which detailed the case of a former beauty queen.


Snapped season 21 starts Sunday at 6/5c. Here's a sneak peek: http://www.oxygen.com/snapped/season/videos/snapped-sneak-peek-2101-eve-nance

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