‘Dateline,’ Charles Manson: ‘The Summer Of Manson’ Explores Mind, Myth Of Infamous California Inmate


Dateline’s latest Charles Manson episode explores the mind and myth of California’s most infamous inmate. Dateline NBC has brought you the story of Charles Manson many times over the years. The most recent episode aired last year, which focused on former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi and his pursuit and obsession with Charles Manson. Tonight, in the Dateline episode titled “The Summer of Manson,” Dateline talks to a Manson Family insider and confidant. The episode promises to reveal rarely-seen video and interviews.


According to Dateline’s preview, Charles Manson arrived in California in the fall of 1967, and he had music on his mind.┬áDateline’s television episode delves into the mind of Manson as he prepared and expected to become a rock star. To do this, he would find and align himself with important Hollywood figures who would make him rich and famous.


Believing he could become even more famous than The Beatles, Charles Manson set up a small kingdom, which included beautiful female followers. The girls were meek and willing to do anything Charles Manson asked them to do. His plan was to send the girls to the hot spots of Hollywood, where they would meet rock stars with connections to important people in the music industry.


A Manson confidant tells Dateline the plan worked. Charles Manson was introduced to a member of the Beach Boys named Dennis Wilson. Wilson connected Charles Manson to his brother, Brian Wilson, who was unimpressed with Charles Manson as a person, and he didn’t like his music.


Some believed Charles Manson wasn’t as talented or appealing as he believed. Bitter with disappointment, and filled with resentment, Charles Manson set out to become famous in another way— a way that would forever connect his persona to evil, Dateline’s episode reveals.



Some key figures appearing in the Dateline episode are Charles Manson’s parole officer, a music producer, a former member of Manson’s group, Manson book author, and the sister of celebrity actress Sharon Tate. Dateline’s The Summer of Manson” airs tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on NBC.



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