Kidd Creole, John Jolly: ‘Grandmaster Flash’ ‘Furious’ Rapper Arrested In East Side Murder Of Homeless Man In New York


The Kidd Creole, aka Nathaniel Glover, was arrested for the death of John Jolly, a homeless man in New York City. The fifty-seven-year-old former rapper and hip hop artist known for his work in the 1980s South Bronx-based rap group, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, was taken into custody and booked for murder. New York City police officials say The Kidd Creole believed John Jolly was making a pass at him while he was headed to work.


New York City Officers were called to the scene between E. 44th Street and 3rd Avenue in Midtown, where they found the body of a black male lying unresponsive. Medics thought the man, who was identified as John Jolly, 55, had passed out. However, a close examination of the body revealed he had been stabbed, The New York Daily News reports today.



The white-bearded mortally-wounded man has a criminal record and is an ex-con. In recent years, Kidd Creole worked odd jobs, including work as a security guard. Nathaniel Glover (Kidd Creole) was on his way to his job when the deadly incident occurred.


Old hip hop fans are shocked and upset to learn the fate of the Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five founding member. The Kidd Creole’s name is similar to entertainer and singer Kid Creole, according to The Root. Gay rights advocates have often talked about the fear and disdain targeting their community and the crimes that have occurred against them because of that fear.


You can visit The Kidd Creole’s Facebook page here. In a previous article, TV Crime Sky reported on the arrest of another celebrity. Read about that case here.


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