Andrea White, David White: ‘Bad Blood’ Airs Pajamas Swamp Murder Of Missing Florida Mom On ID Channel


Andrea White’s murder at the hands of her husband, David White, plays out tonight on the TV documentary series Bad Blood on the ID channel. Court records show that thirty-three-year-old Andrea White’s body was found in a Florida swamp 12 years ago. The New Port Richey case went cold until police arrested David Andrew White. The Investigation Discovery television series examines cases of death and betrayal in families.


The case of Andrea White was first brought to police when the mother of four vanished from her Madison Street home in July of 2005. Shortly after the wife and mother disappeared, her husband, David White, also disappeared with the couple’s children.


A witness found the blonde-haired Andrea White in a Florida swamp on the edge of Trinity’s Wyndtree subdivision. She wasn’t wearing shoes, and she was dressed in her pajamas. Medical examiners were unable to determine an exact cause of death but believed that the victim died after a pillow was placed over her face.



Andrea White’s best friend and mother reported her missing after she failed to answer their phone calls. Family members said Andrea White was no Martha Stewart. However, she would never walk away and leave her children as David White said. And she would never leave her purse, which held the insulin she needed to take every few hours.


Florida detectives eventually found David White in New York with the children. He said he was on vacation. When questioned further, he told them his wife vanished after a heated argument. According to him, Andrea woke him up for a night of passion, but when he refused, she became enraged and stormed out wearing her pajamas.


It was a strange story. However, David White loved the kids. By all accounts, he was a good father and a nice person. Despite his public image, from the beginning, David White was on police detective’s radar. They knew Andrea White, a talented graphics designer, couldn’t have ended up in the snake-infested swamp on her own.


At trial, prosecutors alleged that Andrea White argued with David White and threatened to take the children away. That’s when they say David White watched his wife sleep and then smothered her with a pillow. After he did it, David White took Andrea’s body and dumped it in the murky swamp where it became entangled in vines and swelled due to the sweltering Florida heat.


Posted by Investigation Discovery on Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Before law enforcement investigators located Andrea White, the case was a real whodunit. In 2008, David White was found guilty and sentenced to 36 years in prison, TBO reported. David White claims the police have the wrong man in prison.


Andrea White’s relatives say the crime has completely ripped the family apart. The dramatic true crime documentary series, Bad Blood, airs on Investigation Discovery tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central. Recently, TV Crime Sky reported on a cruise ship murder mystery.


Bad Blood episode “The Silent Killer” Teaser

When a mother of four vanishes in the night, her husband leads everyone to believe the angry mom left her home to blow off some steam. However, the mystery deepens when the missing mom’s body is found in a swamp on the edge of town.


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