Katy, Texas Grandmother Shooting: Granny Shot At Red-Underwear-Wearing Intruder, The Other Dead


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A grandmother from Katy, Texas, shot and killed at least one intruder at her house during a home invasion. CBS-19 is reporting that the woman, who is unnamed, shocked the intruders as they entered her garage through an open door. Police say the robber who got away was wearing dark clothing and red underwear. Allegedly, both intruders were armed.


The Katy, Texas shooting occurred at a home between 11:30 a.m. and noon in the Sundown Subdivision on Fort Bowie Court. The normally-quiet neighborhood with tree-lined streets and manicured lawns became a battle zone after the 60-year-old grandma used her gun to kill the man who had stolen her peace.


Texas Stand Your Ground Law allows residents to protect themselves if they fear they are in danger. The Katy grandmother wasn’t taking any chances. She shot at the men to protect her own life.


One neighbor, Cathy Hanks, told news reporters that’s the way they do it in Texas. She said if someone goes into another persons’ home, they’ll be shot, Fox News reported.



Harris County, Texas authorities haven’t released much about the man who was found deceased in the victim’s yard. They are reportedly still looking for the other suspect.

If anyone has information. Contact your local authorities.


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Traciy Curry-Reyes

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