Kenneth ‘Ken’ Manzanares: Death Cruise Full Of Mystery, Murder, And Laughter Aboard Alaskan Ship


Kenneth ‘Ken’ Manzanares took his wife, Kristy Manzanares, aboard the Emerald Princess cruise ship to celebrate their almost-20-year wedding anniversary. It turned out to be a family-cruise nightmare. Cruise ship passengers thought it was a murder mystery dinner event, but Kristy Manzanares was no actress. The Utah ‘princess’ wife was dead, and her husband, Kenneth Manzanares, was the killer.


‘The Worst Cruise of Their Lives’

TV Crime Sky brought you the story of the Emerald Princess cruise tragedy days ago after it was revealed that a Utah woman had died aboard the luxury ship.


That woman was identified as thirty-nine-year-old Kristy Manzanares, a real estate agent in Utah. The latest investigation reveals her husband, Kenneth Manzanares, killed her because she laughed at him. Law enforcement officials arrested the man.


Passengers aboard the lavish Alaskan cruise said they heard the piercing screams, and nothing about the screams seemed normal, a witness told investigators.

Some passengers believed the events were part of a murder-mystery cruise dinner. They learned the truth after word spread and cruise activities were halted.


A Smile Gone Forever

According to Inside Edition, a woman saw Kristy Manzanares’ husband, Kenneth Manzanares, trying to jump overboard and into the beautiful blue waters in front of him.


It was a scene like out of a movie.


Another witness told investigators he saw Kenneth Manzanares pulling his wife’s body in an attempt to dump her overboard. That same witness stepped in and grabbed the body by the ankle and pulled it back into the cabin where it was eventually found by cruise ship authorities, Inside Edition‘s coverage continued.


In TV Crime Sky‘s previous article about this case, it was reported that a man and his sister helped console the children during the chaos. The witnesses happened upon the scene as they returned to their stateroom.


Kristy Manzanares’ Facebook page is filled with images of the family. They had the most amazing photos. They looked truly happy. However, behind the smiling faces, appeared to be a whole history of domestic disharmony in the Utah household.


Posted by Kristy Manzanares on Tuesday, April 22, 2014


  • Here is Kenneth Manzanares’ Facebook page


Most likely, it was not the first time Kristy witnessed her husband’s wrath, especially since one of the Manzanares’ daughters said she knew her father would do this someday.


Posted by Kristy Manzanares on Sunday, February 19, 2017


Did Kristy Ever Tell Anyone About Kenneth’s Temper?


NY Post stated Kenneth Manzanares had no criminal record, and apparently, there was no record of the domestic abuse.

Friends and family remember, Kristy Manzanares, the Emerald Princess passenger, as a sweet and wonderful person whose piercing eyes and bright smile lit up the room.


Sadly, she’ll never smile again.



[Main Image by Creative Commons CC0 and Kristy Manzanares/Facebook]

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