David Dooley: ‘Dateline NBC’ Probes Michelle Mockbee Thermo Fisher Murder Case Update


Dateline NBC probes the David Dooley, Michelle Mockbee murder case tonight. This episode titled “After the Early Shift” provides an update in the case. David Dooley’s story was first explored two years ago on Dateline NBC. David Dooley, the former janitor, said he didn’t do it. He was convicted of Michelle Mockbee’s death and sentenced to life in prison. Josh Mankiewicz investigates the latest developments.


Dateline NBC “After the Early Shift” Teaser

When a body is found in a local warehouse during the early shift, police zoom in on the janitor. Once he is convicted, a shocking new secret emerges, casting doubt on the prosecution’s entire case.



David Dooley Case File

David Dooley was the prime suspect in the murder of Michelle Mockbee. Michelle was found dead inside the Thermo Fisher Scientific Warehouse in Kentucky in 2012. When police arrived on the scene, she was lying face down, and it appeared that someone had tried to clean up the crime scene, Dateline NBC points out.



Prosecutors say David Dooley was eyed as a suspect after Michelle Mockbee’s husband told police he was at home asleep when the tragedy occurred. Michelle’s husband and other Thermo Fisher co-workers pointed the finger at David Dooley since they all had a few unpleasant run-ins with him.



Problems in the case were apparent. Prosecutors didn’t have any DNA and no weapon. And there didn’t appear to be an obvious motive.


Michelle’s body was found after employees begin arriving for the early shift. Once David Dooley was convicted, police investigators believed the case was solved.



However, David Dooley will get another trial after some explosive information uncovered a secret. The  Boone Commonwealth Attorney, Linda Talley, was having a steamy affair with one of the lead detectives in the case, Bruce McVay. Secret messages, in which Linda Talley called herself the “Chiquita Queen,” proved the affair really happened, Cincinnati reported.


Although revelations about her relationship with the lead investigator in Michelle Mockbee's murder have brought the…

Posted by WCPO – 9 On Your Side on Friday, March 17, 2017


With this news, David Dooley’s supporters said his 2014 murder case could have been compromised, according to WCPO.


Friday’s Dateline NBC reveals the latest developments in the scandal and looks at a possible new theory. Dateline “After the Early Shift” airs tonight at 10/9 p.m. on NBC. Should the court throw out David Dooley’s conviction?


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