Emerald Princess Cruise: American, Utah Passenger Dies Aboard Alaskan Cruise Ship After Domestic Dispute


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A Utah woman is dead after a domestic dispute on the Emerald Princess cruise ship. Authorities say the incident between the couple took place in United States waters, near Alaska, not international waters, according to KTUU. The 39-year-old woman was from Utah.


News of the Alaskan Cruise Ship death was first reported in a news release by Princess Cruises. Law enforcement officials say Emerald Princess cruise ship security notified the FBI and local police agencies regarding the tragedy. It occurred on Tuesday night at around 9 p.m, ABC News is reporting.


Alaskan Cruise Goes Wrong

Police officials boarded the cruise ship today in Juneau, Alaska. Employees and tourists aboard the Emerald Princess are concerned, shocked, and saddened by the turn of events. What began as an exciting and exotic vacation has turned out to be a nightmare for all involved. Kevin White was there while the events unfolded. He states the following on his Facebook page.


“Well, sad to say this is our ship. Happened last night in open waters. The captain had to cancel some of our route so we could get into Juneau this morning to let the FBI on board. We are unable to get off the ship until their investigation is done…waiting.  Debbie and I helped console their young children after it happened. We were walking back to our room when we got caught up in it.”


Patrons prepared to stay on the cruise for seven days. Former Alaskan cruise passengers say the Emerald Princess is a beautiful ship, which glides above gorgeous waters. At least one former passenger said the glacier tours are especially enjoyable.


According to some, there is little supervision aboard cruise ships in the middle of the night, making it easy for anyone to fall overboard and disappear into the sea forever.



Emerald Princess cruise ship set sail from Seattle on July 23. Please check back as TV Crime Sky continues to update this unfolding story.



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