Haile Kifer, Nicholas Brady: ‘Hear No Evil’ Episode ‘Whispers From The Dead’ Neighbor Hid Bodies Til After Thanksgiving Dinner


When 64-year-old Byron Smith killed teen thieves Haile Kifer, 18, and Nick (Nicholas) Brady, 17, he waited until police detectives could finish their Thanksgiving dinner to call 911. That’s the scenario for tonight’s Hear No Evil, a brand new television crime series to air on the Investigation Discovery channel. This season ID fans get to hear the most disturbing audio that captures the exact time a person was murdered. Byron Smith, aka Byron David Smith, shot Haile Kifer and Nick (Nicholas) Brady for breaking into his home, reported the Twin Cities Pioneer Press.


Teaser: Hear No Evil–Episode “Whispers From The Dead”

Set in Little Falls, Minnesota, retired U.S. State Dept. employee Byron Smith is expecting to kick back and enjoy life at his home. At times, he comes off as a little intense, but he is well-liked by his neighbors for the most part. But when shots ring out into the country air, neighbors are suspicious as to what old Byron Smith is up to at his home. The bizarre truth becomes crystal clear after he shoots a pair of teenage intruders who have slipped into his house for the last time.


Nick Brady Haile Elaine Kifer Case File

Nick Brady and Haile Kifer were going to strike Byron Smith’s house once again. For months, Byron had intruders break into his house and leave with some of his most valuable treasures. What the teens didn’t realize is that Byron knew exactly who they were. And he didn’t take it too lightly that someone was taking what belonged to him.


Byron David Smith said sometimes he’d hide because he was afraid. But this time, he was set on taking the power back into his hands. Police say he did that on Thanksgiving morning, where he waited patiently until Haile Kifer and Nick arrived, according to the Star Tribune.


Posted by Nicholas Brady on Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Once Nicholas Brady and Haile Kifer were inside the home, Byron appeared and took both of their lives. The entire crime was taped for police as evidence.


However, the tape didn’t prove that Byron was a victim; it proved that he was a killer and that he deliberately committed an act of murder. Today, he is serving a life sentence for his crime.


Haile Kifer was an avid swimmer who loved sports and wrestling. Sadly, she also struggled with substance addiction and engaged in thefts. Her life would have been saved that day had she not gone down the steps to check on Nick.

Byron David Smith’s neighbor said that he shouldn’t be in prison since he was a classy and respectable man. Byron believed that he was the king of his castle, and it was time he stood up to “fear” and protected his property. The age of the intruders was of little importance to him.


A joint funeral will be held Saturday for two teenage cousins killed in Little Falls. 18-year-old Haile Kifer and…

Posted by ABC 6 News – KAAL TV on Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The teens’ murder was featured on Dateline: “12 Minutes On Elm Street.” This crime is just the type that could also make an episode of Fear Thy NeighborHear No Evil will air on ID at 10 p.m. tonight.

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