Alyssa Barrett, Damarius ‘Wren’ McGriggs: ‘Love Kills’ Episode ‘Matchmaker To Murder’ Breast Implants Help ID Body


Alyssa Barrett wanted her mother DeCarol Deloney Cain dead. Her boyfriend, Damarius ‘Wren’ McGriggs, helped her carry out her wish. You’ll see the story as it is told on tonight’s upcoming crime series Love Kills on the ID channel.

Teaser: Love Kills–Episode “Matchmaker To Murder”

When a dedicated flight attendant goes missing, her co-workers and her ex-husband grow concerned since she is not one to miss work. But when her ex comes to her home to look for her and finds his daughter and her new boyfriend, worry turns into an eerie suspicion. It will take days to solve the puzzle after an abandoned car is found in a seedy side of town, which will reveal the missing woman’s fate.


Alyssa Barrett Damarius McGriggs Case File

DeCarol Deloney Cain vanished in 2014. For 28 years, she was a dedicated flight attendant with United Airlines. She was missed after she failed to show up for work. A phone call to her ex-husband caused him to come to her Crown Point, Indiana, home for a welfare check. When he arrived, to his surprise, he found his daughter Alyssa Barrett, 17, with her boyfriend Damarius McGriggs, 19.


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DeCarol Deloney Cain had forbidden the relationship and had told her daughter to break up with Damarius. In the meantime, DeCarol found out that her daughter had not severed the relationship and she was pregnant with the Damarius McGriggs’ child.


This caused great tension in the household and led to a physical altercation between the mother and daughter. Alyssa Barrett could not break away from the streetwise and confident Damarius McGriggs, a young man who gave her all of the attention she was seeking.

Their lives were altered forever after DeCarol Deloney Cain made the mistake of insisting that Alyssa terminate her pregnancy.


After she refused to have an abortion, DeCarol Cain threw her daughter out of the house. But when Alyssa returned with a more positive attitude, Decarol Deloney Cain believed their differences would be resolved. However, according to court records, this was all part of plan to make her mother feel at ease so that they could trick her into going down to the basement, where they killed her.


When police found her body days later, they used her breast implants to identify her body. The 54-year-old East Chicago native was survived by her current husband, Jerome Cain, and her three children, according to her obituary at Legacy.


The Alyssa Barrett story was featured on TV One’s For My Man, which told the story from Alyssa Barrett’s point of view, focusing on Alyssa’s desperation to please her man. The Love Kills episode on Investigation Discovery will explain the case from the killers’ point of view. Each defendant will give their side of the story. The TV episode will also highlight the fact that McGriggs’ mother played matchmaker between her son and Alyssa.


Damarius McGriggs and Alyssa Barrett are housed in correctional institutions in Indiana. Love Kills: “Matchmaker To Murder,” debuts at 10 p.m. on ID.


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