Kelly Danaher, Raul Rodriguez: Murder On’Fear Thy Neighbor’ Episode ‘Neighbors And A Dead End’


The Kelly Danaher-Raul Rodriguez murder will be highlighted on Fear Thy Neighbor‘s upcoming episode “Neighbors and a Dead End.” The guilty party was Raul Rodriguez, a retired fireman, who lived next door. Rodriguez tried to use the Stand Your Ground defense to get off for the murder of Kelly Danaher. The show will air on Investigation Discovery.


Teaser: Fear Thy Neighbor–episode “Neighbors On A Dead End” 

With his stressful nature, Raul Rodriguez finds less and less peace in his life. What he needs is a serious break. The hardworking firefighter has spent years on the job protecting the public from danger. But he has no idea that soon he will present a clear and present danger to his own community.



Raul Rodriguez Case File: 

Raul Rodriguez, a 45-year-old angry and miserable man who worked as a Texas fireman, murdered Kelly Danaher, a 36-year-old Sorters Mill Elementary P.E. teacher in the  New Caney Independent School District in Porter, Texas. The murder happened in May of 2010, as stated at Chron.

By day, Kelly Danaher was a devoted and beloved school teacher, but by night, Danaher was despised by neighbor Raul Rodriguez due to his partying ways.

Raul Rodriguez was recently retired and wanted to spend his time in a quite community, where he could enjoy target practice from time to time. But between barking dogs, running children, and the noise from partying neighbors, his peace was constantly disrupted.


Cancun 08'

Posted by Kelly Danaher on Wednesday, January 14, 2009


One day Raul Rodriguez decided that he couldn’t take it any longer and decided to shut the whole thing down. He walked over to his neighbors home, brandished his gun, and began arguing with Kelly Danaher and his guests.The ultimate showdown occurred when Raul Rodriguez fired and struck Danaher and two others. Kelly Danaher died. The two others survived the attack.

Kelly Danaher left behind a grieving widow and a child. As of today, Raul Rodriguez is doing life in prison at the Coffield Correctional Facility in Tennessee Colony, TX. He is eligible for parole in 2043, when he is 80 years old.


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