Teresa Giudice: ‘Parole Violation ‘Think Of Your Daughters’ Real Housewives’ Star Back To Jail Scare For Probation Flub


TMZ is reporting today that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was allegedly at risk of going back to jail for failing to report two traffic tickets she obtained. Failing to report the incidences to her parole officer is in direct violation of her parole. Teresa Giudice was allowed to leave prison in December of 2015 after she was convicted for fraud. Unlike the average person, Teresa got a big break, which allowed her to come back to her daughters. But now it seems like Giudice is taking her freedom for granted.



A probationer must follow the rules of their probation to the letter and must get all documents into the parole officer on time. In this case, it was said that Teresa Giudice reported the tickets but did so late.


Not following the terms of probation could easily land the (RHONJ) Housewives star back in jail. Many are saying that they realize that she is a busy woman who is trying to take care of her family. But her family will be in jeopardy once again if she fails to stay out of trouble. TMZ reports that other than the ticket violation, it seems that Teresa Giudice has done a good job of staying out of jail.


“Teresa’s been fully compliant other than these incidents. Both she and I have spoken to her officer and understand exactly what is required should she have any future contact with law enforcement, which we do not anticipate will happen.”



Fans believe that Teresa should think of her girls and should not risk getting into hot water as a probationer. According to Bravo, The Real Housewives of New Jersey girls are slated to be back on television for season 8.

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