Coolio: Rapper In Deep Trouble, No Show In Court, TMZ Reports


Coolio could spend the next three years in prison, according to a new report by TMZ. It seems that Coolio has himself in deep trouble for having illegal possession of a firearm. The Coolio rapper also failed to show up for court, stemming from an incident in September when LAX authorities found that he had a gun in his possession.


TMZ reported that someone in his entourage tried to take the blame, but it was ultimately traced back to ‘Smoothio’ Coolio.


“Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the rapper and his team were leaving L.A. Saturday morning when they got flagged by the TSA. We’re told a book bag belonging to the group contained a loaded gun. Our sources say a member of Coolio’s crew claimed the bag, but witnesses have told cops it was Coolio’s. “

Stay tuned for what happens next in Coolio world.


(Photo courtesy of Facebook)