‘Love On A Limb’: Enjoy Hallmark TV Movie–‘Seeds Of Love’ With Ashley Williams And Marilu Henner

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Love On A Limb is a new television movie presentation by the Hallmark Channel. Love On A Limb centers around a nature freak who refuses to allow an oak tree from being torn down. Mel Damski is the director, and Erik Patterson, along with Jessica Scott wrote the Hallmark film. Love On A Limb, which is produced by Front Street Pictures, stars starring Ashley Williams, Marilu Henner and Trevor Donovan.



Love On A Limb (photo courtesy of Hallmark)


Love On A Limb: What’s It About?

Mayor Tom Parker wants to get rid of a cumbersome oak tree that the town loves. But, Aimie, a lover of nature, is determined not to let it happen. Digging her feet in, she attaches herself to the tree, refusing to move as they attempt to cut it down. She’s tough. He’s persistent. Who’ll win in this tree war? Or will they let love decide?


Hallmark’s Official Plot For Love On A Limb (Seeds Of Love)

“When the mayor hires a handsome landscaper to cut down a small town’s beloved oak tree, Aimie takes it upon herself to try and save it – by chaining herself to it. As the landscaper attempts to wait her out, the two find that the tree brings them more than they could’ve imagined in life and love.”



When To Watch: Saturday night October 1, at 9:00 PM

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(Photo 1 and 2 courtesy of Hallmark Channel)


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