‘J.L. Family Ranch’: ‘JL Ranch’ Movie On Hallmark Movies And Mysteries This Sunday With John Voight


 J.L. Family Ranch, (JL Ranch) is a new movie presentation by Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. The family drama movie stars legendary actors and actresses, such as Melanie Griffith, John Voight, and James Caan. J.L. Family Ranch is produced by Crystal Sky Pictures.


Hallmark Movies and Mysteries About page describes the plot.

“J.L. is an old-fashioned, conservative cowboy who owns a large ranch in a small Texas town and is the patriarch of a sizeable family that all take shelter under his roof. He has to battle the outside forces of the modern world that is rapidly creeping into his expanding town in order to maintain possession of his treasured ranch and to keep his family together.”

J.L. Family Ranch airs this Sunday night at 9/8 p.m. on HMC.


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(Image via Hallmark [HMC])