Debra Canady: Oxygen’s ‘Killer Couples’ To Air Snohomish County Murder Case


Debra Canady’s story will be on  Killer Couples tonight on the Oxygen Network. Debra Canady was convicted of killing David Grimm in his Snohomish County home in Sultan, Washington, in 2008, the Seattle Times states. Debra was sent to prison, along with her boyfriend, Brent Starr, where they remain today.


Debra Canady and Brent Starr were anxious to get rid of Grimm because they couldn’t get him out of the house. Brent Starr had just been awarded custody of his child and needed a permanent residence. He was hoping to move into the trailer, make a life with Debra Canady, and receive the benefits of the insurance policy of which Canady was the beneficiary.


In tonight’s coverage, investigators will reveal this and other events leading up to David Grimm’s final end.  IMDB states that the TV crime series, SnappedKiller Couples, is produced by Jupiter Entertainment.

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Traciy Curry-Reyes

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